A series of concerts for kids

In collaboration with the Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Chen Zimbalista, using puppets to teach children about specific classical pieces and composers.


Puppets at an Exhibition


An interactive journey with puppets through contemporary exhibitions at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Coop, a Multidisciplinary Initiative at Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts Conceived and Led by Moti Brecher


"The Coop" was a two-year initiative (2017-2019) at Israel’s leading specialized high school for the arts that fulfilled Brecher’s vision by creating multidisciplinary connections between the main academic subjects of study, and the creative fields that are studied in the school's long-standing artistic majors (film, art, dance, music and theater), as well as among the different artistic major themselves.


The main purpose of the "Coop" project was to establish a physical space in the school that constituted a "neutral zone", outside of any one particular subject area such as academic  classrooms, the sculpture workshop, the music room, etc.). Such a neutral space allowed "out-of-frame thinking", and created interdisciplinary connections within the school curriculum.


Through the creation of connections between the theoretical subjects studied and the creative disciplines studied, students had the opportunity to deeply understand and articulate deep, core issues and essential ideas that are fundamental to intellectual and artistic human creation.  


The main emphasis and strength of the “Coop” were on creative collaborations and experience.  In fulfilling the goals of the two-year program, students acquired tools for creating group artworks, that expressed and utilized each individual's professional specialty. In addition to the ongoing experience and learning in the “coop”, students worked together at all stages in presenting an art project that required interdisciplinary collaboration, from the initial idea to the planning stage of building a work plan, to the various steps, through the final execution of the project.

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Bat Yam In Therapy

A Community "therapy Talk Show", featuring Max, the puppet-psychologist. Nitzana neighborhood, Bat Yam.


Ballet in Levinski Park

A festival for work immigrants' community in south Tel Aviv, and ballet with artist Netali Schlosser and a group of work-immigrants dancers.

Levinski Garden, Tel Aviv