My educational vision is that of an interdisciplinary approach, which combines different media to challenge the traditional barriers that separate the art workshop and the classroom. The art student, in this approach, does not have to limit him/her self to a specific category or medium (such as theater, dance or visual art, for example) but rather, opens up a variety of creative fields and experiences that draw inspiration from his or her academic studies (literature, history, science, etc.).

This approach follows the spirit of the contemporary state of mind, where interdisciplinary boundaries are constantly fading and the creator is obliged to keep mental flexibility, teamwork, and an open mind in order to fulfill a creative vision.

The medium of Performance, in my opinion, and according to scholars, serves as a platform that enables such encounters among different fields of creativity and academic studies. In this approach, the school’s physical structure itself turns into a laboratory where the students and teachers alike can experiment with action that draws inspiration from the academic subjects as well as from the school’s architecture and social structure and, in turn, this action leaves its own mark on each of them.