A Course for Teachers:

Performance as a Teaching Tool

A course for teachers developed by Moti Brecher, offers the idea of the classroom as a performance lab, in which the teacher and the students actively participate.

Through exposure to various streams and approaches of creativity and education, which strive to integrate education and art through performance, the course offers the field of performance as another tool alongside more traditional tools in the teacher’s creative toolbox, and as a medium that delimits boundaries and combines creative fields and mediums.

At the basis of the course is the assumption that performance is present in all aspects of life, at home, among the family, in the streets, in the workplace and at school. Everywhere we play a role. Through performance, we can express, observe and analyze the reality around us.

Along with exercises and guidance in hands-on work, which includes basic experience in movement, writing, acting, and video as tools available for freeing creative expression, the course presents the history of performance art, and explores its meanings and importance in the fields of art and education.


The target audience of the course is: teachers of fine arts, theater, music, dance and film, as well as teachers of academic subjects, counselors and other educators.

Over the past four years, Brecher has delivered the course as part of a teacher training course at various centers throughout Israel, with great success.

Reviews by participating teachers:

This year, the art teacher’s course was particularly interesting because it opened a door for me to a new field and required me to "open my mind" to a completely different experience. Here we got a hands-on and challenging training course. Already at the first meeting I found materials that helped me with projects in the school.


After years of training arts education courses, I was exposed to a lovely course in performance, a new field for me. New worlds opened to me. And I saw clearly how I could incorporate in my art lessons advanced learning techniques that would upgrade the lesson.


I enriched my knowledge, enjoyed the course very much and impatiently anticipated every encounter. We learned in slightly different ways than usual, but far more enriching, varied and experiential.


I found in this course a professional, challenging and pleasant instructor that “brought out” from me things I never thought I was capable of doing. I was able to perform in front of the group in a way that surprised me. The instructor generated a professional, yet intimate atmosphere, with a group that is prepared to collaborate and be professionally challenged.

The learning experience has been empowering. I felt very connected to myself, my abilities and my strengths. I was exposed to a lot of new ideas, both in terms of theoretical and didactic knowledge. The lessons were fun and touched on a broad spectrum of sensations.


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